A Place For You to Come Fully Alive
to Flourishing

We're on a mission to make disciples and build families for the benefit of local communities across the country. Mature, wise, and productive people who are healthy and whole in their body, soul and spirit. Excel Life is more than an organization - it's an invitation to come fully alive.

Fostering Human Flourishing

If it's true that "the Glory of God is a man fully alive", then helping people come fully alive is the greatest call of any church or ministry. But this task cannot be accomplished through isolated programs or initiatives. That's why, at Excel, we've brought education and discipleship together in the context of a thriving community for a holistic approach to fostering human flourishing.


Integrating intellectual growth with spiritual maturation



Guiding personal journeys toward a deeper faith



Cultivating unity in a spiritually grounded community


Where Education and Discipleship Come Together

We harness the power of education as a catalyst for discipleship, intertwining learning and spiritual growth within a nurturing community to shape holistically developed individuals. From the eager learners in our Excel Academy to the forward-thinkers at Excel College, from the determined leaders at Excel Institute to the passionate creators at Excel Creative Arts - we're cultivating spaces for all stages of life to explore, grow, and excel in their faith journey.


I believe we’re at the forefront of another reformation of how the church operates in the world. People are leaving traditional institutions, but at the same time, people who are massively passionate about Christ and want to follow Him are looking for Christ centered communities where people are loving one another and equipping each other for love and good deeds. Excel is really living this out. It’s a place where people have real jobs, do real life, and get real schooling - but all within the context of discipleship and community.

Ethan Wendle

Diamondback Truck Covers, Owner

Living in the Excel community has taught me what it looks like to live in the Kingdom of God on a practical level. Not everybody can go on a missions trip to another country, and not everybody needs to. Living here, I have seen the body of Christ come together to serve one another, love one another, and encourage one another to live like Christ in a small town neighborhood. Heaven meets earth in the thin space that is the Excel community.

Nicole Murray

Academy Program Lead

To me, Excel is experiential. This is one of the most holistic initiatives I've ever been a part of. It’s not just about isolated programs. It’s about community, about sharing meals together, serving together, and learning to get in line with what God is saying together. Here you can’t get stuck in past dead ways because God is always encountering us new and afresh - and Excel is a place that makes space for that.

Rob Ames

C6 Student