Education Beyond a Degree

Excel Life is more than an organization, it's a spiritual pursuit towards human flourishing. By seamlessly weaving discipleship, education, and community, we create an environment where believers can explore, grow, and excel in their faith journey.

Our Bachelor's Program

The Excel College Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religious Studies, Integrated Economy, and Critical Thinking allows you to gain hands on experience in the field of your choice while providing you with the context to grow intellectually, spiritually, practically, professionally, and missionally.

Phase 01: The Core

Come to understand our common human calling through what has been traditionally been called, "the Liberal Arts".


Phase 02: Practicum

Discover and pursue your personal kingdom calling through hands on experience in the field of your choice.


2 Phases, 30 Months of Growth

We harness the power of education as a catalyst for discipleship, intertwining learning and spiritual growth within a nurturing community to shape holistically developed individuals.


Excel has been everything I wanted and more. Before I came, I heard someone say, ‘I came for the curriculum but I stayed for the community’ - and that’s so true! The curriculum is AWESOME, but school is just a small percentage of what my life is here. I work, have home responsibilities, cultivate friendships. My life is so full, and a lot of that is due to the community here.

Elisabeth Schneider

C5 Student

I've discovered a culture of honor here at Excel that continuously calls me to higher areas in my life. The overflow of discipleship has filled not only myself, but those around me as well - and I have the honor to invite them to walk this journey with me together. This community calls me deeper into His Kingdom so that His Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Thomas Pond

C6 Student

To me, Excel is experiential. This is one of the most holistic initiatives I've ever been a part of. It’s not just about isolated programs. It’s about community, about sharing meals together, serving together, and learning to get in line with what God is saying together. Here you can’t get stuck in past dead ways because God is always encountering us new and afresh - and Excel is a place that makes space for that.

Rob Ames

C6 Student

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