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How does one come fully alive? Through discipleship? Better education? Improved Economics? Exercise? Friendships? The answer is yes - to all of it. But at Excel, we know that human flourishing is not achieved primarily through isolated programs or initiatives. It's achieved in an environment where discipleship and education come together in the context of community.


Cultivating Holistic Growth

We're cultivating holistic growth in students of all ages. Through the Academy, College, and Institute, students grow intellectually, spiritually, practically, professionally, and missionally.


Guiding Personal Journeys

We're committed to walking alongside individuals on their journey the way Jesus did it - through life on life discipleship. Our mission centers on helping each person cultivate a deep faith that permeates all aspects of life as they develop the virtues of humility, honor, hunger, and health.


Creating Tangible Unity

We’re establishing communities made up of families, young adults, and students dedicated to creating an environment of human flourishing. At the centre is a community space where the local community comes for connection, discipleship, and growth.

Purpose Behind Our Passion

We are fueled by a profound purpose at Excel Life: to make disciples, build family, and establish thriving communities. We exist to spark transformative growth, deepen faith, and nurture unity, shaping an environment where individuals can come fully alive as they journey with God and one another.

We're here to
Make Disciples

We strive to cultivate disciples of Jesus, promoting a journey of growth and transformation that permeates into all aspects of life.

Build Family

We aspire to strengthen the family unit as the cornerstone of healthy communities, nurturing relationships and fostering growth at every stage.

And Establish Communities

We aim to create vibrant, thriving communities anchored in faith, where discipleship and education come together to foster human flourishing."

The most eloquent testimony to the reality of the resurrection is not an empty tomb or a well-orchestrated pageant on Easter Sunday but rather a group of people whose life together is so radically different, so completely changed from the way the world builds a community that there can be no explanation other than that something decisive has happened in history.

Will Willimon

years of discipleship


lives of flourishing

Where Education and Discipleship Come Together

We harness the power of education as a catalyst for discipleship, intertwining learning and spiritual growth within a nurturing community to shape holistically developed individuals. From the eager learners in our Excel Academy to the forward-thinkers at Excel College, from the determined leaders at Excel Institute to the passionate creators at Excel Creative Arts - we're cultivating spaces for all stages of life to explore, grow, and excel in their faith journey.


Living in the Excel community has taught me what it looks like to live in the Kingdom of God on a practical level. Not everybody can go on a missions trip to another country, and not everybody needs to. Living here, I have seen the body of Christ come together to serve one another, love one another, and encourage one another to live like Christ in a small town neighborhood. Heaven meets earth in the thin space that is the Excel community.

Nicole Murray

Academy Program Lead

Excel has been everything I wanted and more. Before I came, I heard someone say, ‘I came for the curriculum but I stayed for the community’ - and that’s so true! The curriculum is AWESOME, but school is just a small percentage of what my life is here. I work, have home responsibilities, cultivate friendships. My life is so full, and a lot of that is due to the community here.

Elisabeth Schneider

C5 Student

In my experience, Excel is the clearest expression of how I believe Christ intended His Body to live. I've come to realize that faith isn't some lofty intellectual theory, but rather an immersive plunge into the fullness of life. And Excel is fertile ground to come fully alive. Yet my words of Excel may all be in vain, for I believe it would be the same as describing color to a world that only understands black and white. This is not something to be heard second hand, but something to be experienced first hand.

Khristian Vinca

C2 Student Alumni